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There is no more need for a snow brush or scraper! With our 4 Season Smart Windshield Cover - all you have to do is lift it, shake and you're ready to drive!

 Spend more time in your warm bed on freezing mornings, because with this cover, one tug and it's all gone!

 Our windshield cover for ice and snow will keep frost off your windshield. Buy it now and SAVE your time and gasthat you usually waste defrosting your vehicle.


Easy to Put On, Easy to Take Off!

Your neighbors will be amazed at how easily you get out of your driveway in the morning.

No more freezing fingers and toes!

The foldable, portable cover allows you to take it anywhere you need to park! 

This is the Windshield Cover you never knew you needed!


Stop fighting the elements - outsmart them!

The Genius Windshield Cover is double-sided for use in any weather.
DEFLECT heat in the summer with the silver side,
REFLECT heat INTO your car during the winter!


Comes with two convenient tabs to secure on your car and suction cups to keep them in place overnight!

See why America loves this cover - in all 50 States - for yourself!

  • Fitment: Fits most vehicles with measurement approximately 190 cm x 70 cm 

  • Size: For Sedan: 195cm*70cm(76.7*27.5inches) 

    For SUV: 190cm*120cm(74.8*47.2inches)

  • Material: Aluminium Film 

  • Package Inclusions: 1 x Smart Windshield Cover, 2 x Suction Cups 

  • Color: One side silver, one side black



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